About us

Who are we? Where we come from? Where we are going to? Those are the typical questions that we both want to know the person that we have before us, the company you want to hire and even ourselves. Our company starts his career in 1997 with the current name, although professionals that compose it have been working in the computer world since the year 1988. In that year, we dedicated exclusively to the development of computer applications management and gradually the services offered by the company have been expanding and adapting to the new times. Today we assist companies, install and configure networks LAN, WAN and PAN, management, sale, repair and maintenance of computer applications, i.e., we offer a comprehensive service in the world of computing.

We have our great experience in the field of education, in the assembly of data processing and maintenance environments of the computer system of the schools classrooms. Also in the construction sector with own software of cost control and the law firm also with the development of a proper application.

Our main goal is to bring added value to the services and products that we sell, we wish not only to sell but to offer full support. Service is our goal. From these lines want to leverage to thank for the trust of our clients that for so many years are betting on our services.